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Top 11 Cheapest Makeup Brush Sets of the Year 2017

Are you searching for the best makeup brush sets within budget? Fortunately, you have arrived at the right place. Here, you will get quick and brief information about the cheapest makeup brush sets of 2017. Though you can get several branded brushes sets by visiting the nearly located cosmetic stores, but still you have to compare prices and other features of these from the market. Whether you are a novice or a makeup pro, our guide will help you decide the best kit within budget.

Below listed makeup brush sets are manufactured by supreme materials. And most importantly, all the products are backed by well-known and reputed cosmetic brands, and thus you can use them in your daily life without any worry.

1. E.L.F. Professional Complete Set of 12 Brushes

The E.L.F makeup brush set comes No.1 in the list. It is a well-known and leading cosmetic brand that offers high quality cosmetic products at extremely cheap prices. The whole makeup set includes 12 pieces including the brushes for eye shadowing, eye lining, total face touch, eye blending, foundation, and concealing, etc.

If you are new in purchasing makeup brush set, the E.L.F professional complete set is the way to go. It is manufactured from synthetic and ultra-soft bristles which make it perfect to use for the face including eyes and lips. Each item is completely wrapped and precisely designed to fit into your hand. The price of the product is only $12. Shop from Amazon or any best price finder website and save more online.

2. BH Cosmetics Bright White Set with Cosmetic Bag

It is one of the cheapest makeup brush sets available in the market with an exciting price tag of just $12. No matter you are on the go or on the work, you can get stunning results conveniently with these brushes of BH Cosmetics. The whole set comprises of all essential makeup brushes for your eyes and face including foundation, eye shadow, eye blender, dual-organic powder, blush/contour, and angled eyeliner brushes. Not only this, the product comes with a beautiful zip cosmetic bag with plenty of room to store additional items.

3. EmaxDesign 12 Piece Makeup Brush Set

EmaxDesign 12 piece set comes third in our list as it contains all the powerful brushes that you use almost every day. It would really enhance your natural beauty while fulfilling all of your makeup needs. After the purchase of this outstanding makeup kit, you will avail 12 different makeup brushes for foundation, big eye shadow, highlight, small eye shadow, eye smudge, concealer, eyebrow, blusher, eyelash, multi-function foundation, multi-function blush, and a mini kabuki, all in a single case.

All brushes are made by the supreme organic materials for giving ultimate touch and feel. Furthermore, you can use them with powders, creams, liquids, and some other materials with ease. And the most exciting part of this product is related to its amazing super cheap price, which is only $10.

4. Real Techniques Starter Set

The Real Techniques starter set is the cheapest makeup set of the entire list, which can be purchased by spending just $8. The manufacturer’s products are the great mix of high-tech materials and innovative design to provide a pixel-perfect look. And if you are a beginner in makeup then this makeup set will deliver the best results, particularly for your eyes. The Taklon bristles are synthetic, 100% cruelty-free, extremely silky and smooth comparing with others.

Base shadow brush gives a flawless and smooth foundation of color. Accent brush works well and provides accurate detailing, smudging, and highlighting. Fine liner brush is used for perfect application of cream or liquid eyeliner. Similarly, deluxe crease brush provides soft and oversized design for effortless contouring, and brow brush gives distinctive shape conveniently while perfectly defining eyebrows.

5. BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

The BS-Mall premium set is another top rated brushes set of the year 2016.The entire set consists of 10 high quality brushes that are backed by synthetic and silky soft bristles as well as a strong handle that is extremely convenient to hold. It includes almost everything that is needed for professional makeup look. And interestingly, BS-Mall premium set comes with the price of only $12 and a variety of exciting colors.

6. PUEEN 18 Piece Makeup Brush Set

PUEEN lets you avail 18 unique pieces of brushes for maximum advantages. All the items are packed inside a stunning clutch along with magnetic snap closure, so you can store all makeup essentials in it with complete peace of mind. All the pieces are manufactured by organic materials in order to provide soft, hygienic, and luxury experience. They are not only convenient to use but also very easy to clean and hence you will feel comfortable while using any makeup brush. When it comes to the price, you can get it from the market by spending just $25. Compare the price from various online stores or cheapest price finder resources for getting the best available deal.

7. Revlon Essentials Brush Kit

The Revlon Essentials brush kit is one of the best yet affordable options to consider this year. The whole set is composed of modern, unique, and stunning 6 different type of brushes, which will give your makeup a luxurious experience. The design of the handle is manufactured precisely to give a comfortable grip. With having so many features, the makeup kit is still available at the best price of $30.

8. Ecotools 6 Piece Brush Set

By spending just $9, you can avail a high quality and on-the-go makeup set that includes brushes for eye shading, concealing, blushing, and more. The brushes are composed of synthetic and soft bristles and they use 100% cruelty-free materials. On the other hand, handles are made from durable and sleek bamboo. Each stick is unique in its own. The foundation brush blends cream or other liquid foundation very well while the eye shadow brush works fantastic for base coloring. So, experience the amazing soft touch of cruelty-free EcoTools bristles and start promoting beautiful living.

9. Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set

Get an ideal look instantly and conveniently with the Coastal Scents 12 piece brush set. The whole case includes 12 very best quality brushes that are loaded with matte black, wooden handled, and silver ferrule professional bristles. All the items are the true combination of synthetic bristles for more précised application and long lasting performance.

Each stick has its own safety plastic cover sleeve. In addition, the set also has a stylish and foldable leatherine case for on the go touch ups. The listed price of Coastal Scents 12 piece brush set is $17.

10. KingMas Professional Wool Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

The KingMas professional wool cosmetic makeup brush set kit comes with a stunning pink pouch and 24 pieces of different high quality brushes including brushes for foundation, powdering, blushing,eye shadow, and more. 4 of the brown brushes are made from real hair while the other 20 are made from silky soft and synthetic bristles. Not only this, they contain bold handles for better grip and comfort. And best of all, this makeup kit will only cost you $10. So, enjoy a luxurious and unforgettable makeup applying experience with this impeccable and brand new professional wool cosmetic brush set.

11. BeStope Professional Makeup Brush Set

This is another incredible set loaded with 24 pieces of brushes made from soft, dense, and super silky hair. Handles are also manufactured from pure wood. All brushes can be used to apply powder, cream, and any liquids on your face. The set also has a nice leather pouch case. The price of the whole pack is $36, which can be decreased to some extent by using a best price finder tool.

Makeup Essentials Checklist to Store in Your Makeup Organizer

A pack of beauty essentials that is a must for every makeup lover is right here listed for you guys. Store it in your makeup organizer and forget the hassle of finding your essentials last minute. With a good acrylic cosmetic organizer you can store all your stash in a neat and organized way. Here is the list.

Concealer: The perfect solution to cover blemishes and hide your under eye circles. A creamy formula can sort it out for you – concealer.

Foundation: A cure to cover patches on your skin, discoloration and uneven skin. All you got to do is apply it where you find unevenness and you are good to go. One can also use a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation.

Blush: Give that slight blush to your cheeks and give your face a warm tone with the perfect blush tone.

Translucent powder: This is a powder that gives your makeup a quick and light dusting and also sets it well with some shine.

Mascara: The most appropriate way of flaunting your lashes is by giving a touch of mascara to your eye lashes. A dark brown or a basic black would do for any skin tone.

Neutral eye shadow: Add that tone to your eyes by adding a slight tint with a taupe or beige and brighten it at the lid.

Defining eye shadow: Eye shadow with a charcoal grey shade or a dark brown gives your eye makeup a little warmth and brushing it on the eyes’ crease and below brow bone gives your eye shadow a little more of depth.

Eye liner: Enhance your eyes with a dark brown or black shade of a thin eye liner across the lid or use the darkest shade of eye shadow along the lashes as an eyeliner. Give your eyes a fresh look with an eyeliner.

Lipstick: Gives the perfect look to your lips with the right choice of color to match your skin tone and your dress. A lipstick or a gloss gives your lips the appropriate look it deserves.

Powder Blush: To give your makeup its finishing touch, rub the powder blush with a rounded brush across.

Blush brush: Smaller in size than the powder brush, is used for dabbing some color on the cheeks and blending it right with the cheekbones.

Eye shadow brush: A brush that covers your eye lid with a tint in just a single swipe.

Clean up any stray hairs around your brows that sprout up in between brow appointments.

Latest Fashion Trends Every Student Should Know

Have you ever thought that the latest fashion trends can enhance your everyday performance in school? Most of you would say, how in the hell fashion would be any related to your studies and how would you apply it when there are boring standard school uniforms that are required for you to wear?

Possibly and just maybe you are not noticing a little detail about making fashion. Fashion is something that is in trend and blends depending on the current status of our society. It doesn’t need to be your whole outfit to change, you just need to look awesome even you are just wearing a uniform. How? Accessories and simply altering the looks of the uniform may be applied as fashion; sometimes folding a part of your shirt or even wearing a trendy bracelet can bring out a simple but brilliant style. Going to school, looking awesome, and showing new outfits each day without appearing outdated will surely make you feel better and thus will greatly enhance your performance with your studies.

As all the students know, latest fashion trends can also be difficult to follow. Some students tend to be in their trashy and saggy outfit while some are trying hard to put on their fashionably cool getups. Conversely, nowadays, several numbers of students have a good sense in fashion. They truly prefer mixing all the different kinds of clothes they have where they mix-match all those no matter what it looks like achieving unusual yet stylish clothing. Every Wednesday, Informatics students are required to wear their business attires. You will see different students who are really fashionable when it comes to mix-matching clothes. In present times, how people wear their business attires have been changing as time passes by. It transforms into a bolder yet classy style. Different styles have evolved not only for women, but also for men.

Informatics Eastwood, known to be as one of the excellent quality Information Technology schools, is not only popular for its academic excellence but also recognized to have a good sense of fashion. Every Wednesday the school is requiring its students to wear the corporate attire. The school’s intention is not only to show off the great fashion sense of the students but also to prepare them to their future careers. There are a lot of varieties of designs and fashion styles that you will see in school. Even during the rainy seasons, students are still remarkable for their fashion statements. They do not just wear fancy clothes for fashion; also it is for their comfort and to express themselves. You will not miss out the latest fashion trends as the students are always updated with the newest fashion styles.

10 Must Know Fashion Trends for 2017

2016 was a year of retro with 90s chokers, flared jeans from the 70s, and statement jackets that took us back to the 60s. If you thought that the New Year would mark the end of new takes on the old, think again, because some of that retro feel of 2016 will live on in 2017 with a particular nod in the direction of the 80s. So, while each season will bring its own new trends, it’s always good to know in advance what might be trending over the next twelve months. Here are some top tips on what the fashion experts are predicting you can expect the big fashion trends of 2017 to be.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes are making a big come back and this year it’s likely to be a case of the chunkier the better. Whether they are full-blown platform shoes and sandals or chunky looking heels, high riser footwear is likely to be prominent throughout 2017.

Bell Sleeves

There will be a definite hint of the 80s with big sleeves, like bell sleeves, bishop sleeves and mutton sleeves. They are likely to appear on everything from evening wear to casual wear and sleeves with ornate details and ruffles will be popular too.

Patches and pins

Tiny accessories that can be used on everything from jackets, purses were big in 2016, but they look like they’re here to stay for a while yet, so don’t go putting your multi-patch jackets to back of the wardrobe just yet.

Blush colors

Pinks and other pastel colors are featured heavily in the coming season too. Pastels are perfect for spring, but in 2017 they are likely to be hanging around later in the year than that in the form of blush colored skirts and shorts.


Many people are predicting that khaki will be the number one neutral color to wear in 2017 for everything from accessories to coats. Khaki, it seems, will be the new black and white in 2017.


In another throwback to the 80s, expect to find ruffled edges on sleeves, collars and on the hems of trouser and skirts. While not as extreme as the ruffles of the New Romantics of the 1980s, ruffles are expected to make a comeback this year.

Political statements

The US presidential election may be over, but the politics are just beginning! Tee shirts with big and bold political statements are what you are likely to be wearing with your jeans in 2017.

High necklines

Necklines will be creeping back up in 2017. From dresses to shirts, you are likely to find that in the next twelve months, necklines just keep on getting higher and higher.Fashion Trends

Bohemian dresses

The summer / spring season looks like it will be the season of bohemian style dresses, so expect lots of tiered layers, embroidered details and plenty of bared shoulder silhouettes.Fashion Trends


Velvet, in all colors, is being predicted to be big in 2017 and beyond. Whether it’s on dresses, jackets, coats, or footwear; velvet is going to be absolutely everywhere in the foreseeable future.Fashion Trends

The Top Fashion Trends Of 2017

The one thing that never goes out of fashion is fashion itself! Trends come and go, but the one thing that never goes out of trend is style. Thus, to keep you stylish and in trend, given below are some trends for women to flaunt in 2017.Top Fashion Trends

Shirt Dresses – One of the trends of 2017 that has taken the fashion world by a storm happen to be shirt dresses. This year, shirts are back in a new avatar – the shirt dress. There are various cuts and styles that are available – drop waists, high slits, asymmetrical hemlines, mandarin collar – it embodies everything. Shirt dresses are just the right thing if you want to be quirky yet elegant.Top Fashion Trends

Long Vests – Long vests are back in style and how! One of the reasons that long vests are a favourite of all is because it has a slimming effect on the body and hence, is appreciated by many. These can be worn with almost everything – for a sporty look, teaming it up with a smart top and shorts works wonders. Teaming long vests with plain tops and jeans also works very well. This is one item that can be paired off with anything and this is why, they are back in trend!

Capes – Chuck out the shrugs and jackets because this year, it is the cape that is ruling the roost. Capes very much resemble a poncho and it is because of the look that it has become an instant favourite of all. Capes are best when bought in neutral colours and worn with above the knee boosts. So make sure you get a cape this season!Top Fashion Trends

Kimono styled trench coats – This is something of a cross between a kimono and a coat. It is this cross that is grabbing the eyeballs of many and is making a fashion statement everywhere. Wear it with shorts or jeans, dresses or skirts, the kimono – jacket goes with all!

Sporty look – Gone are the laces and frills. It is time to sport the sporty look. Tennis skirts, gym shorts, plimsolls are back in trend and how. Top it off by tying a top knot and you will get the perfect sporty look.Top Fashion Trends

Sarees – Sarees are not Indian anymore. They have been westernised! Wear it with a crop top or drape it like a gown, sarees are just everywhere! They are perfect if you want an evening look but with a slight edge to it.Top Fashion Trends

Make sure you follow all these trends and remain in style!